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Anderson Cooper wants a world out of the closet

3 julio, 2018

The correspondent, CNN journalist and public figure Anderson Cooper was already considered one of the most powerful homosexuals in the entertainment industry even before coming out. In fact, this popular face of American television recognized his homosexuality less than a year ago and he did it in an email that he accepted that one of his friends divulge. “I’m gay, I’ve always been, I always will be and I can not be happier, more comfortable and proud of it,” he said then. Now Cooper, 45, is the object of a tribute from the Association against the defamation of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals (GLAAD) and publicly urging others to follow his example. “I know it’s a personal decision that everyone has to make following their own reasons but obviously everyone would be better with more visibility”,

Anderson, in charge of the Anderson Cooper 360 program, has been described as one of the “most prominent gay journalists on American television,” according to The New York Times. Issues associated with homosexuality are included in their coverage as reports against the abuse of homosexuals in schools, the lives of families of transsexuals or the danger of those offering therapies to abandon homosexuality or policies such as “No ask, do not answer “that for years dominated the homosexual presence in the US military. And now the journalist wants to be the voice of reason that convinces others to live their sexuality in public. As he explained after the interview, the journalist understands that each one is going through a different moment in his life. But without saying names, Anderson added: “There are a lot of people I know and I’m surprised that it does not come out of the closet given the progressive way in which they live other aspects of their lives.”

Son of the heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson remembers the propensity that was his mother when talking about his private life (married to Leopold Stokowski and that in his biography he made public his amorous escapades with celebrities) but how I restrained him at the time of talk about yours However, the feeling that his silence was seen as a sign that he was ashamed of his condition made him publicly admit his sexual orientation.

Now, on March 16, he will receive the Vito Russo award at the 24th edition of the GLAAD awards gala, becoming part of a list that includes Ricky Martin, Nathan Lane, Elton John or Rosie O’Donnell. Reserved at the time of giving details about his private life, Anderson maintains since 2009 a relationship with Benjamín Maisani, owner of a bar and with whom he has commented that he would like to get married and have a family.