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The most expensive house in the world is sold …

3 julio, 2018

The most expensive house in the world is sold … for 1100 million euros. It is in Europe, in the town of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France on the famous Cote d’Azur.

The price in dollars is 1.1 billion (approximately 973 million euros). It is owned by the beverage manufacturer Campari that has now put it on sale. In another article we talked about the magician David Copperfiel in Vegas, he had bought the most expensive house in Las Vegas, (15.92 million euros), nothing to do with the price of the most expensive mansion in the world.

Wonderful gardens and sea views. It was the summer home of Leopold II of Belgium and has also hosted celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, or Charles Chaplin.

How is the most expensive house in the world?
Among its features:
An immense garden of 141164 m² considered as cultural heritage by the government of France.
10 rooms
30 stables and own chapel.

The place matters, the same house is not worth the same if it is for example in the Costa Azul, than in another less known coastal area. St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is halfway near Monaco and 25 km from Nice.

St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat was once a small fishing village similar to many we have on the Spanish coasts. However, today it has become a refuge for millionaires. Its coasts are dotted with luxury villas overlooking the sea and the mountains. One of these impressive mansions is ‘Villa Les Cedres‘, the most expensive in the world.

The house was built in 1870 and belonged to the family of Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, the creators of the Grand Marnier liquor. According to Forbes some time ago it was valued at 525 million dollars. However, when the Campari company bought Grand Marnier in March of this year, the property was also transferred to it.

The company Campari made numbers and instead of maintaining the property prefers to sell it and divide the profits among its shareholders, the price has risen to 1100 million dollars. What is striking is that Campari bought the Gran Marnier company for $ 760 million. If he manages to sell the property for 1100 million dollars, he would earn more than he invested.

Actually it’s a ‘top price’ could be bought ‘cheaper’

Campari CEO Bob Kunze told Bloomberg that in reality the price of 1100 million dollars is the maximum appraisal. That the minimum price they would accept for the house is 330 million dollars (about 253 million euros). If it were sold for this price it would still be the most expensive house in the world. The most expensive property that has been sold so far is also in France. It is a Chateu by Louis XIV outside of Paris, sold in December 2015 for 275 million dollars.