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Why are there simple and compound fractures?

3 julio, 2018

A bone fractured for the same reason that it can be supported. Sometimes, the fracture goes through the bone, and the ends are almost in the same place and do not pierce the skin. This is called a simple fracture. In a compound fracture, one or both ends of the broken bone pass through the skin, and open the wound to a possible infection.

Within these ranges there are several types of fractures. It is classified by its shape, by the force applied when fracturing. A very strong blow, as happens in car accidents, can splinter the bone into several parts and cause what is known as a comminuted fracture. Sharp, direct or constant tension, as happens when running, can cause transverse fractures, a straight break that misaligns the edges. The children usually suffer fractures in the stem, in which the bone curves breaking on its external surface.

Because the bones begin to heal immediately, it is very important to join the ends of the fracture and keep them aligned. First aid treatment is vital. If the injured person can not walk, seek medical help. Until it arrives, the victim must keep the maximum rest, especially if he suspects that there is a spinal injury.

Why do we suffer from lumbago?

His back hurts? … Welcome to the biggest club in the world! Back pain is constantly ravaging almost 80% of the population, and for many reasons the number of victims continues to rise steadily.

Although medical science has made great losses in curing many tumors, doctors confess that their efforts to relieve aching backs all over the world have been almost unsuccessful.

Lumbago is not a disease, but a symptom, which makes it very difficult to cure, since in 90% of cases it is impossible to pinpoint the cause. In the remaining 10%, the cause of the pain is obvious: it usually comes from a spinal injury or those that resist. As a result, one of the disks that separate the vertebrae can dislocate slightly and press a nerve.

If this happens in the neck, the pain will be felt in the legs. It often occurs in the lower back and causes a great variety of pain: in the place, in the buttocks or in the sciatic nerve, which extends from the legs to the toes. In the elderly, the pain is usually caused by osteoarthritis of the spine.

When the cause is evident, physiotherapy or surgery treatments are successful. Some advise rest, warm water baths and mild analgesics. Others say that before promising results should be applied a radical treatment: little rest and a lot of exercise.

There is no doubt that the victims of lumbago can help by means of exercise, adopting a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and increasing their activity. Exercise may bother at first, but in the long run offers more hope of keeping pain under control.

This advice applies not only to those who suffer from lumbago. If you do not have a victim yet, you can prevent an attack by getting fit and learning how to use your body sensibly.

Good posture is always the best guardian. It is essential to learn how to lift heavy objects. Approach, slowly bend your knees keeping your back straight. Let the weight rest on your legs, not your spine. Swimming is also a good remedy.